What is that noise?

When brakes squeaking are grinding you should get a brake inspection immediately to avoid additional damage that can cause additional costly repairs to your braking system.  Your vehicle may have warning lights in order to inform you of problems ahead of time, however you should never overlook the importance of sounds, noises and odors coming from your vehicle that are indicators themselves.

Does your vehicle need a brake inspection? 

Best practice is to have your mechanic look at your rotors, brake pads and overall braking system for wear, leaks and other signs of potential problems with your braking system, each time you get an oil change and have your tires rotated.

This simple visual check can help you avoid costly repairs due to undo wear and tear on your braking system. There are many indicators including warning lights, a spongy brake pedal, grinding, squealing and burning odors on braking that can indicate that there is potential trouble with your braking system.  The presence of any of these symptoms means it is extremely important you get a brake inspections done on your vehicle immediately. Ram's offers a warranty on any and all work performed by our team. 


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