Although air conditioning in your vehicle is seen by many as a luxury, in the South, like here in San Antonio, Texas it is simply a must have!  Your air conditioning go out in your car can be a very inconvenient and extremely frustrating experience.  

Several key things can affect the operation and efficiency of your vehicles cooling system including,  air or moisture in the refrigerant system, loose belts or other system components that are not operating properly, and refrigerant leaking from the system.

The Ram's team can help by:

  • Performing a full system pressure check for any leaks
  • Performing a thorough visual examination of all components to point out any obvious problems
  • Flushing any refrigerant from the system to remove all moisture
  • Completing a full recharge of the system
  • Checking the Air Temperature at the output louver inside the cabin
  • Doing a Final pressure check to insure proper operation of air conditioning system


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